Expanded Metal Machine

JEC expanded metal machine is our pride of the ambitious endeavor of the company to have competitive advantage in the world. Since JEC is the machine supplier as well as expanded metal product manufacturer, we are happy to share our experiences and provide technical consultation regarding new construction and expansion of expanded metal production.

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JEC Expanded Metal Machine satisfies different production requirements by supplying high quality customized machines according to your needs. It can be categorized by working width as 61 series, 75 series, 100 series, 125 series, 160 series, 250 series, and 310 series. According to material thickness requirement, there are L, H, HB, and HH type for your choice. Please contact us for more details and advices.

JEC machine is equipped with servo drives, PLC and HMI control, to assure the capabilities of producing a wild range of expanded metal products in high speed as well as delivering the high quality of outputs. You can produce either with coil or with single sheet of steel on the same machine.


 Expanded Metal Expanded Metal    ​

Machine Video

4ft Expanded Metal Machine
8ft Heavy-Duty Clamping Type Expanded Metal Machine
1ft High-precision Expanded Metal Machine
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