Chain Link Fencing Machine

JEC automatic chain link fencing machine is available for production of chain link fence from 2-6 meters wide with different materials, such as galvanized wire, PVC coated wire, and SUS wire. Customers can choose from standard mesh roll or compact type mesh according to production requirements with different type of Recoilers.

*For special specification requirements, please send us your inquiry.


Fully Servo Type

        * Upon the wire quality and mesh size
        **Subject to change with different M/C.

Standard Type


JEC Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine can make various specifications of chain link fences up to 6 meters wide. The machine is suitable for different types of wires according to customer requirement, such as galvanized wire, PVC coated wire, and SUS wire. There are two options for our customers to choose from standard type automatic machine to fully servo high speed machine. Our new design of quick-change weaving mould (twin worm) for fully servo type enables better efficiency in changing mesh size.

Machine Video


Chain Link Fence Chain Link Fence

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