Gabion Mesh Machine

JEC gabion machine can be provided as the most efficient and high output production line. We are here to provide the best design with the whole production line, including the related auxiliary equipments for gabion mesh. The new design of main weaving machine not only increases the productivity, but also provides better working environment in our customer's factory.

*For special specification requirements, please send us your inquiry.



        * 3 / 5 / 7 Layers upon the wire Dia.


JEC High Speed Gabion Mesh Machine provides basically 4 different specifications of gabion mesh requirements. The main weaving machine is featured with electronic counter for mesh length for accuracy, machine speed adjustment for your production requirements, emergency stop for safety concern, and noise reduction devices to ensure better working environment in the factory. We also provide complete production line with optional equipment including working platform, mesh recoiler, spiral wire coiling machine, mesh decoiler, multi-roller leveler, hydraulic shearing unit, gabion mesh edge coiling unit, and gabion mesh compress hydraulic press.

Machine Video

High Speed Gabion Mesh Machine - GAB 420H (500)


高速石籠網機High Speed Gabion Mesh Machine 高速石籠網機High Speed Gabion Mesh Machine

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